Sound in a large room will echo, creating an acoustically challenging situation.  That problem is amplified when the room has many people talking in it, but little or no acoustical treatment. Hard surfaces such as tile floors, cinderblock walls and drywall ceilings typically reflect almost all of the sound that hits them. A common area this type of sound issue surfaces is in classrooms. The following are some methods to solving classroom noise issue.

Results of some common classroom noise problems:

  • Echo in the room can be worse than a gymnasium
  • High noise levels make it hard for students to concentrate
  • Impossible to conduct a class

These annoying issues can be easily resolved with acoustical treatments. In many cases we will install our APS-3 acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling. This usually brings about the following results:

  • Dramatic reduction in echo
  • Reverberation time reduced by 70% or more
  • The appropriate acoustic levels are achieved in the space
  • The panels solve the problem while blending with the room design

This is just one example of the countless ways we can help solve noise problems. For over 30 years we have been providing acoustical solutions for offices, schools, universities, healthcare, restaurants and homes.  Have a noise problem? Call us for a free acoustical consultation at 216-749-7850 or email us at [email protected]