There seems to be two concurrent trends in office design today. Systems panels (cubicle walls) are getting lower or disappearing altogether in favor of the cleaner looking benching systems – groups of desks linked together next to each other and facing each other with no real space dividers between them. At the same time, designers are favoring higher, more “natural” ceilings, removing the dropped grid ceiling and leaving the pipes, duct work and original ceiling deck exposed. Overall, this combination makes an office space look modern, sleek and accessible.

However, the systems panels and the dropped grid ceilings comprise the overwhelming majority of the sound absorbing material in an office space. Once those are removed, you are left with the sound reflective hard surfaces of the walls, the ceiling deck and in some cases where the carpet has also been removed, the hard floor. Many of these modern, attractive new offices are now also echo chambers, where people have to talk in very hushed tones so as not to disturb their officemates.

This is one of the many situations where you need Working Walls Solutions. We make sound absorbing wall panels, ceiling panels, hanging acoustic baffles and ceiling clouds, all designed to absorb the echo and make the workspace more workable in. We even make Desktop Dividers, Privacy Screens and Taco Tackboards that give more privacy to individuals at their desks.

Do you have noise problems in your office space? Tell us about them and we can make recommendations for which product or products would work best for you. Call us for a free acoustical consultation at 216-749-7850 or email us at [email protected]