Our two-sided Partition Extender panels, sometimes called cubicle wall extenders, mount to the top of existing wall systems or cubicles to make them taller (panel extender) or to extend all the way to the ceiling (partition to ceiling enclosure). Our panels mount to the top caps of the existing cubicles with Velcro. The panel extenders are held together at the top with hidden brackets, while our partition to ceiling enclosures connect to the ceiling with a T-channel.


Add more privacy to workstations and cubicles by increasing their height.

These panels can also rest directly on a work surface to be used as Desktop Dividers designed to break one long workspace into several smaller ones.

In addition to our Grade 1 patterns, our panels can be covered with a number of different textiles from several top-rated fabric manufacturers. These include Guilford of Maine, Maharam, Carnegie, Knoll and Burch.

Product Applications:
Open-plan offices, call centers, benching systems, reception areas and any space with low walls.


Partition to Ceiling Enclosure (PC-1 or PC-2)
Desktop Divider (DTD)
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