Solving Classroom Noise Problem

Sound in a large room will echo, creating an acoustically challenging situation.  That problem is amplified when the room has many people talking in it, but little or no acoustical treatment. Hard surfaces such as tile floors, cinderblock walls and drywall ceilings typically reflect almost all of the sound that hits them. A common area [...]

NRC and STC. What are they? What’s the difference?

In the literature for many acoustical products you will find an NRC rating.  On some you may also find an STC rating.  What’s the difference?  These two ratings have completely different meanings. NRC is short for Noise Reduction Coefficient.  In techno-speak, it is the average of the individual sound absorption coefficients of an item at [...]

Solving Acoustic Problems in New Office Design

There seems to be two concurrent trends in office design today. Systems panels (cubicle walls) are getting lower or disappearing altogether in favor of the cleaner looking benching systems – groups of desks linked together next to each other and facing each other with no real space dividers between them. At the same time, designers [...]

An unconventional method for solving noise problems

The current trend with office spaces is to remove walls and make them more open. However, you usually still need a smaller, casual meeting area for people to talk together. One option is to build a conference room, but that defeats the purpose of having the open space. A designer created a collaboration space in [...]

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