The current trend with office spaces is to remove walls and make them more open. However, you usually still need a smaller, casual meeting area for people to talk together. One option is to build a conference room, but that defeats the purpose of having the open space.

A designer created a collaboration space in the corner of one of their client’s open areas by connecting some of our hanging baffles together with the mounting cable stretched tightly from the floor to the ceiling.

This visually separates a small area from the rest of the room while maintaining the feeling of open space. We use acoustically absorbing baffles to make this dividing wall. They perform double duty by absorbing some of the sound within the collaboration area while also reducing sound coming into the space from the outside.

Though our baffles are typically hung near the ceiling, this time we were able to use the product in a way that is slightly out-of-the-ordinary.

This is another example of the countless ways we can help solve noise problems. For over 30 years we have been providing acoustical solutions for offices, schools, universities, healthcare, restaurants and homes. Have a noise problem? Call us for a free acoustical consultation at 216-749-7850 or email us at [email protected]