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Reduce echo and help keep sound from spreading across large rooms.


Hanging Acoustic Baffles are 2-sided sound absorbing panels that are suspended perpendicular to the ceiling. 

Often used in areas with high ceilings, they can also be installed in situations where there is not enough wall space to correct the sound problem with wall panels alone.  Baffles are used in many places including open plan office areas, auditoriums, gymnasiums, lobbies and atriums, all with the goal of lowering the noise levels.

Product Specifications

Sound Absorption1.5 Sabins per square foot
Fire RatingClass A fire rated materials
Thickness2″ with other thicknesses available
SizeUnlimited up to 4 ft x 10 ft
Edge Options 
Corner Options 
Mounting OptionsD-rings extend from the top edge of the baffle to be hung from a beam or ceiling with S-hooks or aircraft cable. Ceiling attachment depends on ceiling type. Barnacle Clips, “Sammy’s,” beam hangers, eyelets and toggle bolts are the typical ceiling mounts
Standard Fabric Covering  Grade 1 fabric pattern – Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100, Anchorage 2335, Crosstown 2526, Hatchet 2977 and Digit 2978 (Many other non-Grade 1 patterns also available)
Acoustic Hanging Baffles
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