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Suspended down parallel to the ceiling, Clouds add color, design and sound absorption.


The Acoustic Hanging Cloud is a 1-sided acoustic panel that can be hung parallel to the ceiling or at any other angle. 

Cloud panels are often used where a hard reflective ceiling is exposed, but pipes and ductwork on the ceiling do not leave enough room for direct ceiling attachment.  The Clouds can be suspended via S-hooks or cable below the pipes and ductwork.

Additional design elements can be added to a room by making the hanging clouds in a non-standard shape, or by hanging them at angles other than parallel to the ceiling.

Product Specifications

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).85 up to 1.0 or greater
Standard Thickness1”, 2″ (Other thicknesses are available)
Fire RatingClass A (ASTM E-84)
SizeUnlimited up to 4 ft x 10 ft
Edge Options 
Corner Options 
Mounting OptionsCloud Anchors
Standard Fabric Covering
Grade 1 fabric patterns – Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100, Anchorage 2335, Crosstown 2526, Hatchet 2977 and Digit 2978 (Many other non-Grade 1 patterns also available)
Acoustic Hanging Clouds
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