Our acoustic ceiling products are often used in areas with high ceilings, or in situations where there is not enough wall space to correct the acoustic problem with only wall panels.


When treating the walls is not effective enough or not possible at all, baffles, clouds and ceiling panels can be used to lower the sound levels to an appropriate range. 

Hanging Acoustic Baffles are 2-sided acoustical panels suspended perpendicular to the ceiling. Because both faces of the baffle are sound absorbing, you achieve more sound absorption per square foot of panel. They are very effective in large, open areas by keeping sound at one end of the space from washing across to the other end.

Hanging Acoustic Clouds are constructed the same as wall panels, but they use a different mounting method and are suspended parallel to the ceiling. This adds a design element to a space while lowering the noise levels. They can also be hung at an angle for a different look.

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